Babam ve Ailesi | A shocking favor to ask

Babam ve Ailesi | A shocking favor to ask
Kemal's family will have to endure a shocking revelation in order to save Mert 
Series Premiere

Kemal İpekçi is a successful businessman who lives with his wife Suzan, son Mert and daughter Çiçek in İstanbul. However, Kemal has another family living in Adana, a family that his İstanbul family doesn’t know about. The secret Kemal has kept from his ‘real’ family for 20 years is revealed after an accident his son Mert is involved in. Mert needs an emergency kidney transplant to survive. His only chance is the brother he doesn’t know about, his brother Kadir who lives in Adana. Kadir agrees to donate his kidney but there’s a condition that will change both families’ lives for good.

Babam ve Ailesi starts on Kanal D this Monday at 20:00