O Hayat Benim | Efsun's perfect life is haunted by what's to come

O Hayat Benim | Efsun's perfect life is haunted by what's to come
Bahar finishes her time in prison and she has nothing to lose
Episode 101- Season Premiere 

Time has changed everybody and torn them apart. Efsun has everything she ever wanted. Money more than she can spend, a growing textile company and the handsome husband...Beyond anything, she has a beautiful daughter Nuran and she has become the reason Efsun lives. Yet the day comes that Bahar gets out from the prison and it becomes Efsun’s worst nightmare. She feels the presence of all those waiting to take advantage of these nightmares. Contrary to Efsun, Bahar has lost everything she had. Her only hope and strength comes from Nuran, whom she thinks is her niece. She no longer has a family, a child or Ateş by her side. Ateş deals with his own demons and is playing a dangerous game of getting to Kenan. He has a plan that he didn’t speak to anyone about, a game that can cost him Bahar forever. Yet all the moves lead to the same address. Two women and two mothers...Bahar and Efsun, and a little girl who doesn’t know about anything about this past. All these secrets, lies and fights shake their lives the most. There is only one question remaining: IS Bahar going to take back her child that was stolen from her?

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