Hangimiz Sevmedik? | Münir's sloppy lie causes confusion

Hangimiz Sevmedik? | Münir's sloppy lie causes confusion
How long will this lie help sedate the tension between two families? 
Episode 6

Adile and Münir have to confess their past after getting caught by their children. However, they leave out the most important part. The two had tried seeing each other in the past but they couldn’t get along. They soon figure out their limited information to their children won’t cut it so Münir plays his last hand. He says that there’s nothing going on between Adile and him, nor will there ever be, and that he is in love with Mürüvvet and soon will ask her to marry him. Although this confession soothes the children, it burns Adile one more time. She’s not the only one though. Overhearing this conversation, market-owner Ahmet will feel uncomfortable about this situation involving his mother.
İlyas decides to leave the neighborhood after figuring out Ayşen will never give up hope on Şener. The neighborhood tradesmen try to talk him out of this and they fail, but the tiniest hope helps him stay. He decides to ask Ayşen to marry him. Şener is caught off-guard when Adile invites İlyas for the official request. Ayşen and Şener make a decision to run away together, putting their families into much trouble one more time...

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