The Love of My Life | Demir and Gökçe play house, in the '80s!

The Love of My Life | Demir and Gökçe play house, in the '80s!
Demir and Gökçe time-travel to find Demir's biological family 
Episode 16

Demir keeps doing research on the adoption matter. Following the tracks, Demir ends up at a jewellery shop, where the jeweler is stuck in the year 1982 and is impossible to communicate with. Demir decides to decipher and talk to him no matter what happens. There is a good chance the jeweler knows his real family and Demir is determined to find out. With Gökçe, they make a plan and revisit the shop as if they were a couple living in those years. Demir and Gökçe’s bond becomes stronger as they are deeper in love. Meanwhile, Kaan looks for ways to redeem himself but it gets worse for him. He almosts gets into a fight with Demir in front of Gökçe. This only makes Gökçe feel worse about Kaan. Kaan’s introduction to Pelin will be a turning point. Determined to make good money without an effort, Bartu comes up with a new idea and he rents out his room while his family is away. But of course, his family returns earlier than expected...

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