Rüzgarın Kalbi | Kutay digs into Rüzgar's past

Rüzgarın Kalbi | Kutay digs into Rüzgar's past
Rüzgar disappears then decides to confess his reality to Zeynep 
Episode 4

Zeynep goes to his cabin to apologize but can’t find Rüzgar, then she goes after him. She doesn’t know if she’s going to even catch him or have his forgiveness. Her efforts of redemption isn’t really appealing for Rüzgar, who only wants to lead a life of his own, on his own. Kutay seeks a loophole or lie in Rüzgar’s past to score points in Zeynep’s perspective so he starts digging. Erdem gives up hope about Kutay so he’ll try other ways to convince Muammer. Kemal asks for Ayla’s help to start living in Foça. Rüzgar decides to share his truth but it’s a difficult process. Fate plays a game of its own to bring together Rüzgar, who tries to hard to tell Zeynep who he really is, and Zeynep, who is oblivious to anything and everything. There also is a big surprise for Rüzgar, Zeynep and Kutay.

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