Bodrum Masalı | Scholarship Wars

Bodrum Masalı | Scholarship Wars
Kelebek and Ateş's rivalry adds on another layer
Episode 4

Sent to London by Cahit so that she’d stay away from Ateş, Alara figures out she can’t be without Ateş and takes action despite her father. Ateş starts chasing a swimming scholarship to go and be with her. He is willing to strive more that he ever did, all for Alara. Meanwhile Kelebek also wants the same scholarship so the two men experience a new kind of rivalry. Cahit is determined to stand between Alara and Ateş. Faryalı, Yıldız and Gözde try to run their hotel altogether and this partnership makes Evren uncomfortable. He comes up with new plans to sell the hotel and even risks working with his nemesis Cahit. This decision will affect the entire Ergüven family. Yıldız sides with her children while Evren thinks about only himself once again.

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