Gülümse Yeter | Treasure hunt continues

Gülümse Yeter | Treasure hunt continues
Sarp faces a difficult choice 
Episode 8

Sarp has to make a choice now between Yasemin and Gül, even though he doesn’t want to upset any of them. Saddened by Kemal and Seçil, Gül wants to find comfort next to Sarp. Disappointed by the treasure hunt’s consequence, Özdemir family’s new target is the Civan residence. Are they going to be able to find the ‘treasure’ this time without getting caught? Sarp wants to surprise his mother along with his father so they ask for Yasemin’s help. Although this mission bring them closer, Yasemin’s old life stands between them still. Cem can’t stop himself when he sees Emre and this causes another chain of events. Trying to save her brother, Yasemin finds himself in the middle of Sarp and Cem’s ‘battle’.

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