Rengarenk | Can redeems himself and lovers unite

Rengarenk | Can redeems himself and lovers unite
Aras makes plans to separate Renk and Can
Episode 6

Renk thinks Can is a little too late in his confession and she is upset with him, but later softens with Can’s move. She forgives him and everything’s alright between lovers. Renk wants to live a life free of lies and she decides to confess everything. Meanwhile, Aras finds out Can is the man in Renk’s life now and they make a plan with Zerrin to separate them. In the end, Renk and Can are shocked by the outcome of this plan. Ege gives an unexpected reaction to what Neşe’s wrote in the notebook. Stuck between her profession and her love, Neşe has to come up with a solution so that she doesn’t lose Ege. Pars also tries to make up for his mistake and redeem himself in Sedef’s eyes and his efforts will bring them closer. Having left Pars, Derin decides to go to school in İstanbul. Yiğit figures out a way of his own in order to be close to her.

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