Yüksek Sosyete | A date for four

Yüksek Sosyete | A date for four
Cansu and Kerem's secret continues while Mert and Ece try to live up to each others' expectations 
Episode 11

Süreyya and Bedia decide to unite two elite families of the rich community and they don’t allow Mert and Cansu to run away from their date. Since Cansu hasn’t been able to confess the truth to Kerem just yet and because Mert doesn’t want to betray Ece, they all try various ways to dodge this date. Meanwhile, Süreyya decides to reveal her decision of divorce to Metin and the family in an ostentatious dinner party. Kerem also plans a romantic night for all 4 of them, but an unpleasant surprise looms in the horizon for Cansu.

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