Bodrum Masalı | New friends bond over family drama

Bodrum Masalı | New friends bond over family drama
Kelebek helps Su out and it seems to be working :)
Episode 3

Evren is ambushed by the information given by Cahit, located by the police. He faces jail time in exchange for his big debt. He flees and hides from the police. As Ergüven family try their best to pay, Yıldız and Ateş deal with a growing anger towards Evren. Ateş and Alara face problems when Cahit’s role in all that’s happening is revealed. Gözde uses Yıldız’s fury against Evren to convince him to get away together. Having buried his love for Yıldız deep in his heart, Faryalı finds himself dealing with Ergüven family’s problems. Su asks for Kelebek’s help in trying to save her father and Cenk starts to get jealous. With Uzay’s kind help, he is about to make one huge mistake against Su.

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