Aşk Laftan Anlamaz | Hayat gets a new job offer

Aşk Laftan Anlamaz | Hayat gets a new job offer
Hayat may be leaving Sarte, will Murat allow it?
Episode 9

Murat assumes after all the things he said, he’ll never see Hayat again. Yet, he comes face to face with her the next day. Hayat makes a decision to stand up straight no matter what. She even helps with Murat and Didem’s wedding organization. Doruk goes to the hospital where Aslı works at to get his yearly check-up done. Meanwhile Kerem meets İpek’s father Cevat. Derya helps Didem with every possible problem. She talks to Nejat about Murat and Didem living in the same house. At an event organized for the esteemed business owners of the textile industry, Hayat becomes the star of the night and gets a job offer. İpek now has the money to pay the amount Hayat borrowed in her name. Does this mean Hayat is leaving Sarte?

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