Gülümse Yeter | Sarp has to make a choice

Gülümse Yeter | Sarp has to make a choice
Yasemin's sudden kiss confuses Sarp 
Episode 7

Kissing Sarp suddenly in the middle of the street, Yasemin reveals her feelings. Sarp is confused. Stuck between Yasemin and Gül, it is time for him to question his own feelings. Trying to convince him once again, Cem tries to use this situation to his advantage. With a big surprise, he tries to win Yasemin over to his side. Gül faces the truth with Seçil’s arrival, also facing another surprise at the hospital. She tries to do better at her job while she also deals with Kemal’s attempts to redeem himself. Ayten’s strike continues to Nermin has to juggle all the house chores. Hasan is another victim of Ayten’s strike. The unexpected guest at their house puts them through another series of adventures, which also lights hope for Lütfü. 

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