Hangimiz Sevmedik? | Adile and Münir begin to notice the little lies

Hangimiz Sevmedik? | Adile and Münir begin to notice the little lies
Little signs lead Münir and Adile to secretly follow their children 
Episode 4

The flowers that arrive from the Bar Association ruins Tarık and Itır’s plans. Neither of them know what to do when the delivery guy asks for an ID. Seeing their struggle, Şener cuts in and picks up, taking the blame. His sacrifice will not be enough to settle all doubt regarding Itır and Tarık. Moreover, Adile finds out through Şevket that his son Tarık now has a studio apartment rent in his name in a remote town. Münir also catches a small lie from Itır and both Adile and Münir start stalking their children in secrecy. Meanwhile, the neighborhood holds an intervention meeting for Şener, explaining to him the destruction he is causing to the people around him, looking for ways to minimize it. There is only one way for them to dodge this and it is to make Şener a working man with a decent job. This way he’ll stay out of other people’s businesses and slowly pay the ones he owes money. However, the plan works the opposite way and Şener deceives the residents yet again. Tarık and Itır’s problems won’t lighten up either, this time their rental will cause chaos.

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