Hayat Sevince Güzel | Salih wants Zarife and Savaş married

Hayat Sevince Güzel | Salih wants Zarife and Savaş married
Neither feel ready to get married, so what will happen next?
Episode 11

Savaş wins the wishbone bet against Zarife and kisses her on the cheek. Salih sees this and he is furious, ending up giving Zarife and Savaş a warning. Things are more difficult for the lovers starting from now. Now Salih has only one condition to bless this relationship, and it is marriage.
Meanwhile, Osman and İlknur also tie the knot. Seeing the man she loves get married to someone else, Emine experiences the biggest devastation there is. How will Osman get out of this, or will he spend forever with İlknur?
Zarife is uneasy that Salih wants her to marry Savaş and it causes a fight between them. Mainly because the couple isn’t ready to get married just yet. On the other hand, Barış struggles to get Zarife out of his head. He decides that this is a pain he can’t just handle and he makes a surprise decision. How will this decision affect Savaş?

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