Rengarenk | Can is determined to keep Renk this time

Rengarenk | Can is determined to keep Renk this time
Renk enjoys his protective acts though she doesn't let him know 
Episode 5

Making her angry one more time, Can doesn’t let Renk go and stops her from leaving against her will. As much as she looks like she resists, she enjoys the fact that Can is protective of her. Meanwhile, the mafia brings their hitman for a surgery over to Can and Renks house. This unexpected adventure brings the two closer to each other. Meeting Pars in secret, Derin spends the best night of her life but Pars doesn’t feel the same way. Yiğit, on the other hand, is crushed to find out Derin just used her to get to meet Pars. Sedef is broken, angry and vindictive about Pars’s dreadful joke. Ege feels terrible after getting a reaction for the kiss he gave Neşe. He goes to the set to talk to her but ends up becoming an actor for the day. Aras finds out Renk has a relationship with the vet and that she introduced herself to this man as teacher Zeynep. He settles right at the center of Renk’s life with Zerrin’s help so that he can get Renk’s attention. However, Saadet wants Aras for himself so she doesn’t approve of any of these plans...

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