Bodrum Masalı | Ateş sets his priorities straight

Bodrum Masalı | Ateş sets his priorities straight
Ateş figures out Alara feels the same way about him 
Episode 2

Evren tries hard to hide away his financial corruptions without Yıldız noticing. If all is revealed, he faces the risk of both losing Yıldız and going to jail. The fact that he is in bargaining process with Cahit through Gözde for the hotel’s sale only makes things difficult for him. Ateş finally reveals his feelings for Alara and figures out the feeling is mutual. Yet, after witnessing his father leaving Gözde’s home in the middle of the night, his sole mission becomes finding out about his father’s secret and he ends up having to lie to Alara. Kelebek witnesses Su and Cenk’s relationship, as does Aslı witnesses Alara and Ateş getting closer and both Kelebek and Aslı suffer in their own way.

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