Gülümse Yeter | Hasan dictates new household rules

Gülümse Yeter | Hasan dictates new household rules
Latest bills regarding house expenses forces Hasan to enforce some new law around the house
Episode 6

Yasemin and Sarp embark on an adventure together by going to Yasemin’s old house and it only brings the two closer. Yasemin is in a state where she can no longer resist her emotions regarding him. Sarp, who is more distant compared to Yasemin, always finds himself helping Yasemin, always by her side. When Sarp gets fired, the whole family is shocked, making Cem’s father Sezai question this decision. Will Cem’s plan to drive Sarp away from the company work? Gül is crushed to learn the truth about Kemal and she tries to run away by stayin away from her job, which she loves dearly. Kemal thinks of ways to reveal his relationship with Seçil to Gül. Meanwhile, after Hasan sees the bills, he makes a plan to save money on house expenditure and he enforces his new rules upon both families. On the one side, he also tries to find a job for Lütfü. As Ayten continues her strike, Nermin braces all the problems. 

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