Kanıt: Ateş Üstünde | Ömer starts using Asya as a pawn in his plan

Kanıt: Ateş Üstünde | Ömer starts using Asya as a pawn in his plan
Kaan meets his little games with smart moves of his own
Episode 6                     
Kaan has a better picture about how fat Ömer can go after he sees him at the orphanage. As opposed to the leverage and the possibilities he holds, Kaan’s weapon of choice is his character and wits. With the help of his boxing teacher, he remembers who he is and slowly figures out the problem. As Ömer’s plans grow harsher, Kaan starts cornering his enemy with smarter moves. Now there is a battle between the two men with a more open attitude and more courage, reinforced by challenges.

At the center of their battle stands Asya, not Rüzgar. Meeting Asya through Ozan, Ömer likes her at first sight and produces yet another reason to antagonize Kaan. Meanwhile Asya can’t figure out Kaan’s mysterious act and does something unexpected to get him to talk. As Ömer makes moves that will bring him closer to both Rüzgar and Ozan, Kaan obtains important information through his collaboration with Melis and Enver.

One night, the police finds a woman, unconscious and injured, and with a gun in her hand. Near her, there’s a male body in a car. As the crew investigates the case, they find out everything related to love, envy and money. The evidence they find is surprising and the testimonies are mind-boggling.

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