Hangimiz Sevmedik? | Tarık prepares a surprise for Itır

Hangimiz Sevmedik? | Tarık prepares a surprise for Itır
The help he receives from Şevket costs him a lot 
Episode 3

Şener is devastated when the Zülfü Ziya Paşa portrait he depended on is crushed on Münir’s head. Yet he won’t spend too much time worrying as he picks himself up fast and minimize the loss with a smart idea. Ayşen, who supports Şener’s each and every move, backs him up this time as well. Şener, however, loses his temper after the loss of the portrait and breaks her heart. It will be tougher to make it up to her than he thinks. The fact that Ayşen and Şener go through such a problem comes in handy for İlyas.
After deciding to confess their relationship, Tarık and Itır break under the pressure of their parents’ stubborn behavior and the secret they bear, and eventually the couple gets into a huge fight. Itır is upset that Tarık wants to postpone their confession. She accuses him of not standing up for their love and marriage. Wanting to show how much he cares and values their marriage, Tarık prepares a big surprise for her. He gets help from Şevket in preparation and it’s going to cost him a lot, causing the news to spread to the neighborhood but in the wrong way. The news that go around about Tarık spreads like wildfire and creates confusion.
Adile and Münir’s debate about the office gets tougher and tougher. Old lovers each have their own unique tactic to scare the other away. The methods they use only add to their problems. What’s more, Adile and Münir hear about an unpleasant surprise while they track the rumors regarding Tarık. 

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