Rüzgarın Kalbi | Zeynep and Rüzgar run away from their lives and find each other

Rüzgarın Kalbi | Zeynep and Rüzgar run away from their lives and find each other
Zeynep's tragic experience convinces Rüzgar to join their plan 
Series Premiere

Rüzgar goes to Bosnia to run away from everything, mostly from his own memories, after he lost the woman of her life, Meltem, in a car crash two years ago. For that two years, he doesn’t communicate with anyone. After a thorough research his family, his mother Vahide and his uncle Kemal, who own one of the esteemed holdings in Turkey, they track down Rüzgar’s place. Kemal manages to go to Bosnia and bring Rüzgar back to İstanbul. Yet Rüzgar is still heartbroken. He ends up fleeing one more time during a crowded dinner held in his return. When he runs into a cab-driver, he ends up in Foça at last. It doesn’t matter where he goes anyway...
Zeynep is about to be married to her longtime boyfriend. They have one week until their wedding day and as she deals with final touches, Zeynep finds out Kutay has been cheating on her. Like Rüzgar, she wants to drop everything and leave. Yet before she even makes it to her grandfather’s home, she passes out in front of Rüzgar’s cabin in the woods. This is how the villagers meet Rüzgar. Besides his name, Rüzgar hides his true identity from everyone.
For Hande’s wedding, Zeynep’s best friend, Kutay and Zeynep will have to face each other one more time. Sibel, Başak and Hande come up with a plan. For this plan to work, they need Rüzgar on board. When Rüzgar finds out about the truth regarding Zeynep, he just can’t say no. Eventually, a heartfelt scheme begins, with Zeynep and Rüzgar teaming up together...

Rüzgarın Kalbi starts tonight on Fox at 20:00