Rengarenk | Renk decides to help Can out of his ex's wrath

Rengarenk | Renk decides to help Can out of his ex's wrath
Can's social project is at stake and Renk tries to solve the problem 
Episode 4

Ege goes after Yiğit’s secret love affair but he is also falling for Neşe. The financial dead-end Can’s ex-wife creates for Can continues and Can’s family tries to come up with a solution. Yet the real problem is if Renk will go back to Can’s home or not. Renk runs into Aras when she gets back to the hotel. He tries to convince her to restart their relationship. Can’s sister Derin confesses her interest in singer-actor Pars. The competition that’s ignited between Pars and Sedef has an underlying reason. Can decides to sell the land he reserved for his Happy Kids Village project just so he can pay the confiscation charge his ex-wife caused. Renk hears about this and she collaborates with Yiğit and Efe to fix the situation. After learning more about this ex-wife’s doings, Renk is even more enthusiastic to be involved in Can’s project. Meanwhile, the woman whom Aras cheated on Renk with appears as Saadet, who collaborates with him, is about to experience a loss.

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