Gülümse Yeter | Sisterly rivalry

Gülümse Yeter | Sisterly rivalry
Yasemin's little game humiliates Gül and sister's get into a fight
Episode 5

Yasemin’s obsession with her cell phone messes things up between her and Sarp, putting Gül in a difficult position in Sarp’s perspective. As Yasemin does everything to redeem herself, Gül reacts strongly and two sisters experience a falling out. Encouraged by the alcohol’s buzz, Lütfü faces Hasan but it knocked down with a smack. He tries to get out of the situation with his last remaining moves and this time the luck is on his side. Jealous of Yasemin’s relationship with Sarp, Cem tries to get back at Sarp with a stunt he pulls. Sarp losing his position as Sezai’s favorite is at risk and it gives Cem the opportunity he’s sought. Meanwhile, it is time for Gül to climb down from cloud nine in her romance with Kemal.

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