Kanıt: Ateş Üstünde | Kaan faces his biggest fears

Kanıt: Ateş Üstünde | Kaan faces his biggest fears
Ömer's little plots causes tension for Kaan
Episode 5

Kaan and Rüzgar’s lives begin to change fast when Ömer shows up. Ömer does things to mess with Rüzgar’s heart and also drive Kaan crazy. Kaan, having the sole fear of losing Rüzgar, puts himself together after a short period of panic and then makes a smart move. While he deals with Ömer on a personal level, the attraction between him and Asya grow bigger but with lots of details to slow it down. Ömer takes advantage of being interested in Asya as well. Meanwhile Rüzgar preps for his upcoming book while he also enjoys the privilege of working with Professor Sevil Atasoy. The similarity of a new murder resembles an old case severely and Prof. Atasoy is pulled into the Innocence Project file. Professor brings in Rüzgar as her assistant to move faster into the case. The homicide desk deals with a murderer who leaves a piece of candy in his/her victims’ mouths. Who’s killing all these old, harmless people?

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