Şahane Damat | The jig is up

Şahane Damat | The jig is up
Melike accepts what's coming for her, what'll Mehmet do to stop it?
Episode 7

It is a huge shock for everyone when Melike can’t put up with all the drama she’s been dragged into and explodes, revealing the truth behind their make-believe relationship. Kazibe makes her decision instantly: there is no other option for her and her family but to leave for Afyon.

Cennet faces Tahsin with a shocking offer just to stay where she is. Melike dropped her guard right after the engagement ceremony fell into pieces and she is ready to face the music. Will Mehmet just let her go as she leaves and risk not seeing her ever again? Which side will he choose now, İlknur or Melike? Speaking of İlknur, what’s her last move before she goes down and who’ll she take down with her?

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