Hayat Sevince Güzel | Zarife reveals her feelings for Savaş

Hayat Sevince Güzel | Zarife reveals her feelings for Savaş
Savaş will have to do something that will eventually make him Zarife's hero, but what is it?
Episode 9

Zarife lets her feelings about Savaş slip. Knowing what he knows now, he wants to live their romance to the fullest but Zarife, being Zarife, runs away once again. Savaş is determined to break her stubborn nature and he follows a new tactic that will change their couple-balance entirely. Now Zarife chases after Savaş. He makes such a move that Zarife doesn’t leave his side.
Zeynep has set her mind to win back Barış. She tells him such things that Barış is clueless as to what to do next. For the first time he goes soft on Zeynep and he gets confused.
The competition about Emine between Osman and Samet turns into a duel. This only makes the competition harsher. Meanwhile Osman is being forced to marry İlknur. This funny duo who doesn’t want to marry each other are willing to come up with any sort of plan to talk their parents out of it. Yet it won’t be easy work to convince Rüstem and Muhtar.
As Zarife and Savaş spend their days together, something happens that will put Savaş in grave danger. A move he makes turns him into a hero in Zarife’s eye, but what is it?

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