Hangimiz Sevmedik? | Itır and Tarık decide to tell the truth

Hangimiz Sevmedik? | Itır and Tarık decide to tell the truth
The chaos their families bring forth force Tarık and Itır to come clean about their secret 
Episode 2

As Münir and Adile assume their paths will never cross again after the neighborhood dinner, Şener unexpectedly turns them into partners. Münir and Adile are now business partners for the house they rented to be an office and a private clinic. They both face Şener about his action. Şener hopes to allege that he already gave away the money as payment and get out of this for good but it won’t go so smoothly. Münir kicks his brother out after this stunt he pulled but Şener doesn’t give up. He is determined to make more with the money he borrowed from Adile and he means to invest smartly. He will invest it all in for an Ottoman painting and make an incredibly lucrative bargain. At least this is his plan. Yet his calculations are once again off. Not only he can’t sell the painting, but now he lacks a house to store it in. On the one hand he tries to find a place to stay and on the other he starts knocking on neighborhood tradesmen’s doors. Meanwhile, Tarık and Itır try to figure out how to convince their parents to use the house in partnership while Münir and Adile try to talk the other partner into selling his/her share. The duo meet up at Perran’s shop to make a deal. Yet it is a battlefield once again, putting all the damage on Şevket and Perran’s shop. Tarık and Itır think about what to do this time. They know now that their families will never get along, eventually they decide to tell them the truth.

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