Rengarenk | Renk tries to bring down Can's walls

Rengarenk | Renk tries to bring down Can's walls
Friends and family finally find out where Renk is
Episode 3

Renk gets caught up in the crossfire once again. On one side she has her ostentatious life and on the other the simle and real life that she always dreamed of. As she tries to figure out which side she belongs, her ex-boyfriend Aras also found out she has a new person in her life and he doesn’t like it.

Panic ensues among Can’s family and friends with the possibility that he might have fled the hospital. On the other hand, the fact that Renk’s whereabouts has finally been revealed comforts Renk’s family and colleagues, but things won’t go down so smoothly.

In the midst of all this chaos, Can and Renk experience their growing romance intensely. Meanwhile, Renk also tries to find out what Can’s ex-wife put him through because Can’s aggression towards women complicates things for them. Aras and Saadet also make certain plans to rule out Renk’s confusion, but will they succeed? What dead end will this chaos lead them to and how will Renk find out where she belongs? And more importantly, will Renk get out of it without hurting Can’s feelings once again?

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