Şahane Damat | Melike decides to confess their little game

Şahane Damat | Melike decides to confess their little game
Mehmet is torn between his feelings for Melike and his desire to wash his hands clean of all these games 
Episode 6

When Melike leaves aside her fears for the first time and makes a move to kiss Mehmet, she hadn’t even imagined Mehmet would pull back.  It’s a huge devastation for her but the real disappointment comes when she learns Mehmet gave her engagement ring back to İlknur. Then Melike makes a decision: she is sick and tired of Mehmet’s mood-swings and their game needs to end.
Mehmet, on the other hand, is completely stuck between the promise he made to Melike and his feelings for her. This bind makes him more aggressive than ever and at the end of the day, the lucky one (!) to face his explosion is Engin.
Both Cennet and Tahsin try to talk Melike out of her decision. Yet one things follows the other; Hayati and Kazibe agree to carry out an engagement party the next day and they don’t ask anybody. Just when Mehmet runs out of all hope, this surprise organization maybe help break the ice between Mehmet and Melike? How will Mehmet take advantage of this convenient event? Will Melike stand by her decision to confess everything?

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