Hayat Sevince Güzel | It's on: the ultimate rivalry!

Hayat Sevince Güzel | It's on: the ultimate rivalry!
Şıpıldak Fest will bring out the competitive in everyone
Episode 8

Savaş and Zarife’s blooming romance continues against all odds. Rüstem holds Salih responsible after he loses all his crops at the field due to toxic waste. Savaş and Zarife do their best to prove he is innocent while Salih is in jail. This also becomes a journey of jealousy in their romance.

And it’s not only the new couples who feel jealous. Barış is madly jealous of Zarife even though he tries to hide it, and Zeynep is jealous of him. Will Zarife find a match for her love this time? The big competition Osman and Samet find themselves in continues in full throttle. Who’ll win Emine’s heart in the end?

There is the traditional ‘Şıpıldak’ Fair at the village this week. There is an important beauty pageant as well as numerous competitions. Zarife partakes in the beauty pageant just to spite Savaş, but is she going to win?

Find out on Monday’s episode on Fox at 20:00