Hayatımın Aşkı | Incoming Baby!

Hayatımın Aşkı | Incoming Baby!
Nilüfer goes into labor for her baby and everyone gathers at the hospital
Episode 11

Just when Gökçe thinks she is finally united with the love of her life, everything turns to chaos. They start experiencing problems and the reason for them is Kaan. Ayça will be the one to benefit from all this as she is completely smitten with Demir. As Kaan tries to make up for his mistakes to Gökçe, Gökçe tries to make amends with Demir. Believing in Kaan’s sincerity, Gökçe forgives him but her heart still beats for Demir. Meanwhile, Nilüfer is taken to the hospital to have her baby and it becomes the one thing everybody waits impatiently for. Demir and Kaan both show up at Gökçe’s house to give congrats about the baby. The tension between the two men is thick in the air. Gökçe is stuck in between the two as she tries to cushion the blow of their rivalry.

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