N'olur Ayrılalım | Game Over?

N'olur Ayrılalım | Game Over?
Temmuz and Yusuf get more intimate in the middle of their own chaos
Episode 4

Ulaş is devastated as he thinks Azize is with him to find her one true love. The first woman in years whom he thought might be ‘the one’ has played a big number on him. This makes Ulaş all the more ambitious. What’s he supposed to do next? Is he just going to leave Azize like that? Never! It is now his turn to make her suffer.

Things on Azize/Turgay front is in total shock. Their entire plan is about to collapse. Azize has to justify herself and have Ulaş forgive her, but how?

Yusuf and Temmuz’s dangerous relationship grows stronger each day. Temmuz decides to quit but Yusuf declines. Temmuz has to pay for the damage she caused in the office. Is it really for this simple reason that Yusuf is going out of his way to keep Temmuz around? How about that kiss Temmuz gave Yusuf earlier?

Azize and Turgay are finally sure that Ulaş is in the mood they desire him to be and that they fooled him one more time. However, in a moment when Ulaş is completely upset, the stereotypical attitudes Azize comes up with becomes the last straw for Ulaş. His reaction is heavier than anyone would expect.  What’s more important is that Azize can’t figure out why his reaction upsets her this much...

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