Yüksek Sosyete | The 'ominous' secret revealed at last

Yüksek Sosyete | The 'ominous' secret revealed at last
Weddings will reveal so many for all characters this week
Episode 7

Cansu is forced to attend a socialite wedding but Mert Çalhan is among the invitees! Of course, Mert will send Kerem in his place. Cansu and Kerem will have to avoid each other to refrain from exposing their own secrets. In the meantime, Ece and Mert will end up spending a surprise evening together at a neighborhood wedding. The wedding will bear unexpected results for the Koran family who has been faking a happy family portrait. Işıl will show up uninvited at the event and it’s the last straw for Süreyya. Cansu and Süreyya will finally face each other. In this emotional mother-daughter face-off, the reason behind the long-mentioned ‘ominous’ nickname for Cansu will finally be revealed...

New episode on Star TV this Thursday at 20:00