Aşk Laftan Anlamaz | Hayat and Murat decide to have some fun

Aşk Laftan Anlamaz | Hayat and Murat decide to have some fun
After they miss their business trip, they arrange a fun weekend
Episode 6

Upon Cenk’s official complaint, Murat, Kerem and Doruk end up having to spend the night at the police station. This incident help break the ice that’s been layering between Hayat and Murat. They also corner Cenk and find out why he leaked the photos to the press. Murat annuls Didem’s contract after he finds out about the truth. İpek’s father shows up out of the blue and visits his daughter. As excited as she is, İpek knows he is here to ask for money. When she tells him she doesn’t have any, he asks her to sell the car. Hearing about her situation, Hayat helps out her best friend and deals with this problem. Hayat and Murat have to go on a business trip for a fair and they arrange to leave together after work. Murat goes home and Hayat continues her shift to handle her remaining business. However, when Murat comes back, he can’t find Hayat anywhere because she is stuck in the elevator! They end up missing the fair so they decide to spend a fun weekend together at Murat’s house. That is, until Didem shows up with more drama.

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