Şahane Damat | Mehmet and Melike's getaway gets romantic

Şahane Damat | Mehmet and Melike's getaway gets romantic
Melike decides to come clean about her little game
Episode 5

Mehmet and Melike’s fight change a lot of things for a lot of people. İlknur reacts harsher than she’s expected to and she throws the ring in Mehmet’s face. The next morning, Mehmet faces the reality of having broken his promise and Melike is still furious. How could Mehmet blame her with being an ‘easy’ girl?

She goes to face Mehmet but when she learns the rings are taken out, she changes her mind. She now believes she can’t complicate Mehmet’s life any more than she already did. She faces İlknur first and then goes back to her family to come clean about her little game. Is Mehmet going to be able to stop Melike?

Kazibe wakes up in the morning and she can’t find Melike anywhere. Mehmet’s is out of reach as well. Cennet and Tahsin hit the road to find the duo. Tahsin is naturally driven mad with things Cennet does on the road. Yet at the end of the day, Tahsin’s attitude will impress Cennet as well.

Meanwhile, Mehmet and Melike enjoy their time they made for themselves. One day stripped of any lie and cheat, no more than that! At the end of a romantic day, Melike can’t help her for the first time and flirts with him. Mehmet is too late to stop himself too. Is that one moment of lost control going to lead them into a happy love story at last?

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