Gülümse Yeter | Gül responds to Kemal's romantic interest

Gülümse Yeter | Gül responds to Kemal's romantic interest
Meanwhile, The Özdemir family moves in with the Civan family 
Episode 3

When the Özdemir family moves into the Civan’s family, an era of quarrel and love begins for both families. As Ayten and Ahmet turn against Lütfün and Nermin, Hasan tries to act as a bridge and manage their situation. Sarp has lived with the dream of uniting with Gül one day and now Gül and her family has moved into their home. He experiences the thrill of it while on the other hand he has to deal with Yasemin’s spoiled attitude and the chaos she creates. Gül, however, can’t ignore Kemal’s interest in her and she falls slowly under the spell of their possible romance. Cem, after making a business proposal to Sarp and getting rejected, donates to the university he will be teaching at, therefore forcing him to work for him. Insistent on going to the US, Lütfü makes Hasan buy the plane tickets but his dreams will come to yet another stop with a huge news they’ll receive at dinner.

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