Hayat Sevince Güzel | Zarife deals with unfamiliar emotions

Hayat Sevince Güzel | Zarife deals with unfamiliar emotions
Zarife also tries to help Emine in recover from her heartbreak
Episode 7

Zarife is appalled by the fact that her heart has a different beat when it comes to Savaş. She doesn’t deal well with her emotions since they are so different from that of old Zarife’s. She starts fighting this inner conflict.
Emine finds out Osman is to be married to İlknur so she fires him. Zarife can’t just watch her suffer like that so she takes action to learn the truth from Osman.
Zeynep is enraged to find out Barış is now in love with a village girl. Will she find out who this girl is?
Savaş asks for Emine’s help in preparing a surprise birthday party for Zarife. Whole family helps in organizing the surprise. Barış’s birthday present will have a huge impact on Zarife and Savaş doesn’t take it well.
Will Zarife’s love conquer her inner conflict? Will she confess her love to Savaş?

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