LadyVille | İlkgün and Ferit, happily ever after...

LadyVille | İlkgün and Ferit, happily ever after...
Elmas and Koptagel finally get married, as İlkgün comes clean about her love for Ferit
Episode 13- Series Finale

Caught by İlkgün’s sisters, Elmas and Koptagel obliviously prepare for their secret marriage. Düzgün goes after his daughter Gülgün after he finds out she goes missing. Fikri is shocked by the revelation he gets right after he opens the box he inherited from his father. Yet it’s not just him. Reşat is also shocked to find out about the relationship between Elmas and Koptagel and the he pays a heavy price.

Grandpa’s inheritance has transformed İlkgün and Ferit’s lives. There is now only one truth for Ferit and it is his love for İlkgün. İlkgün finally musters up the courage to reveal to everyone the love she feels for Ferit. Life, however, will be drastically different for the both of them from now on...

LadyVille comes to an end this Monday on Star TV at 20:00