N'olur Ayrılalım | Azize does everything to get dumped!

N'olur Ayrılalım | Azize does everything to get dumped!
Azize tries every trick in the book to have Ulaş leave her but he's hardwork!
Episode 3

Azize and Ulaş are finally a couple. What’s next in Turgay Atalay’s plan? Engagement, marriage, a baby? No! They need to break up! Ulaş needs to dump Azize so that she can find her one true love. Yet, the boy has no intention of leaving the girl. What to do then? She needs to drive Ulaş crazy with various silly moves and scare him away.

From the first moment she saw Yusuf, Temmuz is surrounded by troubles. On the one side she has to deal with her guilt about Yusuf’s loss against Nadir Erciyes, and on the other she needs to worry about her piercing she dropped in Yusuf’s drawer while she snooped around looking for the corporate bid papers. What if he finds it? She needs to handle this emergency but it won’t be that easy to go back to that drawer.

How much longer can Ulaş put up with Azize’s unending attitude, weird behavior and smothering nature? Will Azize and Turgay finally get what they came for? Not so fast... Just when they think it’s a done deed, Ulaş’s reaction will make Azize and Turgay will send them around the bend...

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