New Series From Producers of ‘Broken Pieces’

New Series From Producers of ‘Broken Pieces’
The new show is expected to start early 2017 at best
Producers of Star TV’s hit show ‘Broken Pieces’, Endemol Shine is in the process of making an action drama for the new season. The writing step is finished and the first production draft is being prepared by Fox TV’s current drama advisor, also screenwriter for Kanal D’s ‘Back Streets’, Ozan Emre Yurdakul. The last name to join the production team is screenwriter Alican Yaraş.

Written by Yaraş, the new series currently named ‘Gayrimeşru’ (translates Illegitimate/Unlawful) is still looking for its home network but Altan Dönmez is already in charge of directing the project. That being said, the new series will air early 2017 the soonest, provided that Dönmez decided to direct ‘Broken Pieces’ for another 13 episodes in the upcoming season.

The story focuses on the clash between a motorbiker/mechanic and his biological father who doesn’t want to adopt him officially. We assume the show aims to pave the way for a new kind of genre in Turkish television by blending action scenes with heavy drama and there are already names called for a possible acting cast. We chose to keep these names to ourselves because the casting hasn’t begun yet, and some of these names already have ongoing projects as we speak... But we’ll keep you posted!