Şahane Damat | Mehmet starts developing feelings for Melike

Şahane Damat | Mehmet starts developing feelings for Melike
After all, jealousy is a feeling as well :)
Episode 4

Mehmet and Melike’s bathroom romance and the feeling that chases them afterwards is interrupted by Albay’s raid at Diva’s house. Our couple pulls an unimaginable stunt in the name of hiding Diva from him.

The next morning, filled with the comfort of having warded off both Kazibe and Albay threats, Melike is caught off-guard. Mehmet is apparently uncomfortable about what happened in the bathroom the other day and he tries his best to treat Melike extremely friendly. What’s more is that he constantly reminds Melike that what they’re doing is just a game and that he is engaged to someone else!

No matter how much he tries to distance himself from Melike, he can’t help but feel angry about Engin’s moves on Melike. She doesn’t respond to him anyway but it doesn’t stop Mehmet from being jealous. After trying so hard to keep Engin away from Melike, Mehmet exposes himself at last. Engin also finds the situation suspicious and shares his thoughts with İlknur.

İlknur now has one thing to do: evaluate Mehmet and Melike’s situation in person. To do that, she organizes a dinner date for Tahsin, Melike, Mehmet and herself. However, the things that happen at that dinner will make İlknur fall into her own trap!

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