Gülümse Yeter | Hasan protects his late boss's legacy

Gülümse Yeter | Hasan protects his late boss's legacy
The Özdemir's try to adapt to their new life as Hasan pays homage to his late boss
Episode 2

Everything turns upside down when it’s revealed that Yasemin is Gül’s sister, whom Sarp is deeply in love with. Yet Sarp makes it his mission to confess to Gül about his feelings and takes her out to dinner. Yasemin’s former husband Cem offers Sarp a job without knowing that Sarp and Yasemin know each other. Meanwhile, The Özdemir family makes plans to survive their banktrupcy. Acting on Lütfü’s idea, they try to escape to United States but only make it to the airport. As Yasemin and her mother try their best to adapt to their new lives but fail, older sister Gül dedicates herself to her job and stays away from drama. In addition to their hierarchical order at work, Gül and Kemal also deal with emotional drama between themselves. Stuck in between, Hasan does his best to own up to his late boss Şevki’s legacy.

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