LadyVille | İlkgün is promised to Koptagel-- and Ferit is furious

LadyVille | İlkgün is promised to Koptagel-- and Ferit is furious
Luckily, soon it turns out there's a misunderstanding
Episode 12

Elmas goes mad after finding out Düzgün will allow Koptagel to marry İlkgün. Ferit isn’t feeling any different. This misunderstanding needs to be handled right away because Ferit and Koptagel didn’t ask for İlkgün, they asked to have the products.
However, during Bayram week, Düzgün talks to Fikri about it and he says he’ll have coffee with him makes things more tense. Yet there is one thing he is missing: Fikri already escaped the village and went to İstanbul. Düzgün hears about this during Bayram holiday and gives Ferit and Koptagel the box their grandfather left for them. This box is their grandfather’s legacy for them and Düzgün had been looking after it all this time. Curious about what’s inside it, Koptagel pressures Ferit to open it, but Ferit doesn’t want to do that until his father arrives.
Koptagel organizes a bus trip during Bayram and they leave the crowd with Elmas to enjoy some romance, oblivious to what’s going to happen to them.

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DİZİ-YORUM : SEZON 1 , Bölüm 9
DİZİ-YORUM : SEZON 1 , Bölüm 17
DİZİ-YORUM : SEZON 1 , Bölüm 48
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DİZİ-YORUM : SEZON 2 , Bölüm 54