The Love of My Life | Demir and Gökçe will have the first dance

The Love of My Life | Demir and Gökçe will have the first dance
Gökçe becomes Demir's partner for the ball and they also have the first dance
Episode 9

Gökçe is overly excited after Demir tells her that they’re going to attend the ball and have the first dance together. As she goes through the tension of it, she also tries to learn how to dance. In the meantime, Ayça has plans of her own. Famous fashion designer Azize strikes a deal with Demir for the promotion of her new collection. Demir will plan a fashion show and Gökçe will organize the event. She manages to handle the organization with a little help from her family. Meanwhile, Demir is shocked to come by a letter written by his father and he reads it. The hate relationship Kaan and Duru maintain evolves into something else and the two start to grow intimate. Sema and Yonca are still upset with Bartu about what happened at the concert but Bartu will try to make up for his mistake. Rezzan is overjoyed that her painting got sold at the exhibition but the reality comes to surface soon enough.

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