Rengarenk | Renk's lie is exposed as Can is devastated

Rengarenk | Renk's lie is exposed as Can is devastated
Can's guard might go back up after he realizes Renk has been lying from the start 
Episode 2

The emotional tension between the humble vet Can and famous actress Renk Duygun is rising up. Renk’s lie about being a teacher names Zeynep is revealed. Feeling betrayed again, how will Can handle the current situation? Can is devastated to find out his closest friends and his family is also involved in this scheme. Sick and tired of her life filled with fame, Renk is about to lose all peace she felt in her new and simple life after her lie is exposed. When her fame-obsessed family and ex-boyfriend becomes involved as well, Renk finds herself in a serious bind.

Will these two wounded hearts, who seek comfort and confidence in themselves after everything they’ve endured in their lives, continue their stubborn but emotional relationship that they can’t even admit to themselves just yet? Or will they give up on each other in their war of trust? After the surprise that awaits both of them, will Renk go back to the life she introduced herself as Zeynep teacher just to keep Can alive?

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