N'olur Ayrılalım | Azize is cast for the role that will change her life

N'olur Ayrılalım | Azize is cast for the role that will change her life
Azize will have to find out if Ulaş will do the same for her
Episode 1

Azize is your average ‘Jane’ who lives with her brother Yusuf and grandmother Nazife. Her only wish is for Turgay Atalay, whom she worked for 2 years and also happens to be the golden boy of television, to notice her because she loves her madly. Turgay, on the other hand, hasn’t even learned her name let alone notice her feelings.

Ulaş is a documentary filmmaker who dedicated himself to portraying the problems of those in need. However, the interesting thing about Ulaş is that he is a modern day version of the ‘Telli Baba’ phenomenon. Every single girl he breaks up with finds ‘the one’ soon after their break-up with Ulaş and marry them, living happily ever after.

Turgay decides to do something unusual for his new program. He loves the rumors about Ulaş and picks out a name for the new show: Let’s break up! An ordinary girl will become a Ulaş’s girlfriend and after he breaks up with her, she’ll go on to find her one true love. This whole process will be televised by Turgay and his crew.

Turgay doesn’t like any of the girls brought in for the auditions. His ideal star is someone of no-name, who doesn’t stand out from the crowd and even a bit naive. And who will that be? Azize, of course! Despite the fact that she tries to refuse it at first, she is convinced at last. What if the rumors about Ulaş are true? What if every single girl he leaves find love soon after? Then it means Azize will finally get to Turgay...

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