Hangimiz Sevmedik? | Series Premiere

Hangimiz Sevmedik? | Series Premiere
Itır and Tarık will bring their secret and it will only add to their parents' drama of years 
Episode 1

Adile and Münir were two people who grew up in the same neighborhood and were in love since childhood. 36 years ago, on the day they decided to run away together, a surprise event caused them to part ways and hate each other for the rest of their lives. In the coming years, they both settled down with different people and had children. Years after, they both lost their spouses, their children grew up. Münir’s daughter Itır became a lawyer, Adile’s son Tarık became a dentist. However, Adile and Münir’s vendetta never ceased even though they lived across the road from each other. Their neighbors did their best over the years to reunite them but it didn’t work.

Using Tarık and Itır’s graduation day as an excuse to celebrate their success and also reunite these two old goats, the neighborhood residents organize a block party. They are certain that the night will not only serve as a nice gesture for the new graduates but it will also finalize Münir and Adile’s feud. Yet, they are missing one tiny detail. Tarık and Itır bring with them not only their diplomas but a huge secret as well. Things go haywire with their secret, Adil and Münir’s stubborn nature and Münir’s brother Şener’s tricks all rolled into one...

Hangimiz Sevmedik starts on TRT 1 this Friday at 20:00