Gülümse Yeter | Two complete opposites come together

Gülümse Yeter | Two complete opposites come together
Yasemin runs away to flee her troubles and she meets Sarp
Gülümse Yeter

Episode 1

Everything starts as Sarp, the humble Civan family’s only son, returns from the United States after he completes his education. Coincidence crosses Sarp and Yasemin’s paths, little daughter of Özdemir family and their lives will be changed forever. Yasemin, who is to be married the next day, is oblivious to anything that’ll happen as she gets ready for her big day. On the same day, Sarp’s grandfather Hasan Efendi gets fired from his job as a driver where he worked for 30 years. What Sarp doesn’t know is that it is Yasemin’s father Lütfü who fires him. Although he doesn’t reveal it to anyone else, Lütfü is having financial troubles with his company and he is about to lose all his fortune. This is the reason he wants his daughter Yasemin to marry a well-off family. His worst fears come true and on the day he is about to give away his daughter, he is notified of his bankruptcy. As the carefully planned marriage is under risk, Yasemin finds solace by visiting Hasan Efendi, whom she loves like a grandfather so she runs away. After all this, destiny will bring together these two families who are completely different from each other.

Gülümse Yeter starts tonight on Show TV at 20:00