Şahane Damat | Mehmet and Melike's affair gets carefully planned

Şahane Damat | Mehmet and Melike's affair gets carefully planned
Mehmet is caught off-guard by Melike's tough yet appealing nature 
Episode 3

Mehmet and Melike once again dodge the bullet that is İlknur with great success. However, Mehmet needs more than just an alibi to deal with his guilt that he feels about İlknur. The romantic night a broken heart causes shook Mehmet more than he’d like to admit.

Mehmet gets an unexpected reaction after he tries to take it out on Melike. It is now Melike’s turn to hurt and she’ll refrain from nothing in her defense.

Hayati makes Melike a great offer so that she can continue to control Diva with her horoscopes. This offer will help Melike achieve her journalism dream, as well as keeping her close to Mehmet at the clinic. Yet the same offer also brings Melike to Engin’s attention.

As Tahsin dedicates all his time and efforts to initiate a Melike-Mehmet affair, he is helpless in dealing with Cennet as she abuses the things his grandfather left him and it drives Tahsin crazy.

The most fanatic mother-in-law Kazibe tries her best to convince Mehmet’s parents to come and ask for their daughter’s hand, and in the meantime she also sends her son Tufan to Afyon so that he can buy the shares to their village house. The surprise that’ll affect everyone’s lives, however, awaits for him at the bus terminal.

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