Kanıt: Ateş Üstünde | Kaan and Asya become partners

Kanıt: Ateş Üstünde | Kaan and Asya become partners
Two opposites become partners to solve crime mysteries
Episode 1
Chief inspector of homicide desk, Kaan sheds light on numerous murders with his wit and instincts. Kaan practices his profession in his own methods without paying extreme attention to rules and he works with a successful team of people including Tolga, Melis, Arif, Kevser and Naz. However his new partner Asya, who arrives from the US, is an exact opposite of Kaan with her methods and her personality. Kaan and Asya find themselves in a strong clash from their first moment together; a clash that can go on forever and even possibly evolve into a love affair. What’s more, in their first murder to solve together, Asya arrests Kaan’s brother Rüzgar as the suspect and it is a tough situation to handle for Kaan. Because Rüzgar is not only his sibling but also his only living relative.

With their great family tragedy and their escape story, Kaan and Rüzgar grow up in an orphanage. They are strongly connected and they overcome the hardships of growing up without a family together, leading their lives on their own. As Kaan chose a life as a police and chase convicts whereas Rüzgar becomes a writer and writes crime fiction. Another threat that awaits the two is Ömer. He is Kaan’s childhood friend and years later, he returns to Kaan’s life as his nemesis. Just like Kaan, Ömer’s only care is his brother.

Kanıt: Ateş Üstünde starts tonight on Kanal D at 20:00