Rengarenk | Renk and Can open new doors for each other

Rengarenk | Renk and Can open new doors for each other
The duo's peaceful life together may very well be shaken as soon as Renk's true identity comes to light
Episode 1 – Series Premiere

Renk Duygun is an international star and a trend-setter with everything she does, she says and she wears. Yet she is sick and tired of this ostentatious world with everything that is artificial and full of lies. The suspicion of her boyfriend cheating on her is the cherry on top and she finds herself on the run from her TV show’s set in İzmir. Her choice of location to do that is ideal as she finds herself the remaining couple of people who absolutely have no idea who she is, one of them is Can. Renk takes the opportunity to introduce herself differently to Can, who loathes tabloids, popular culture and television. Eventually, Can thinks Renk is a teacher on the run from her own wedding. Meanwhile, the entire country is shaken with news that pop-star Renk Duygun is missing. As Renk is introduced to a life so peaceful at Can’s house, Can also starts to soften on the inside towards women and his tough rules regarding them. However, the lies Renk brought with her is so close to surface that they can emerge any time...

Rengarenk starts this Friday, July 8th, on ATV at 20:00!